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is a Big Deal at ATAAP

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Being smart with your marketing communication ensures the success of your business by attracting more customers, and keeping them coming back. We'd like to help with that and invite you to join the scores of area businesses that are building their sales through advertising in A Time and A Place Magazine.

ATAAP offers an efficient, good-looking, and money-saving approach to direct mail advertising by combining the direct mail messages of all of our advertisers into one publication,


Direct mail is the largest form of advertising in the United States, and ATAAP is the only local magazine distributed by postal carrier.  In spite of the term “junk mail,” research by the U.S. Postal Service shows that most people:

  • Enjoy receiving direct mail

  • Read it promptly and completely

  • Find it useful


Thanks to our fun and upbeat articles, and our colorful, creative layout, our readers tend to hold on to ATAAP longer, sometimes weeks longer than most newspapers, which provides repeat exposure to your ad. 

I don't normally read the magazines that come in the mail, but this one seems to hang around longer because I read it front to back. 

—Ted Todd

Compare... and save!


Advertising is never apples to apples. Every publication has its own niche, and it pays to compare. 


Delivery area and distribution quantities vary drastically, and that can have a big impact on your advertising costs.


We’re here to answer any questions you have about ad rates, delivery area, and more. 


Need a little more help? Between us, we’ve got decades of experience in marketing and advertising, and we’d love the opportunity to share it all with you! Ask your account rep for a complimentary marketing analysis or help preparing your marketing strategy. You won’t be sorry...

Creative Messages Get More Attention and Influence Purchase Behavior     

Findings confirm that creativity matters. Overall, more-creative campaigns were more effective—considerably so.*


Our award-winning designers not only thrive on creativity, they understand different geographic markets and what triggers your target consumers, improving the likely effectiveness of your ads. 

            * Harvard Business Review

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, A Time and A Place magazine is currently be delivered digitally, emailed directly to our readers and advertisers. Please call or email for specific details.

Each month, 5,000+ residences in the hamlets and villages of the Catskill Mountain area receive our direct mail publication— and the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce newsletter, the Catskill Commerce, is published in our magazine bi-monthly.  

A Time and A Place is the only local monthly, magazine delivered by


  •   5,000+ copies distributed monthly to 11 Hamlets and Villages in Delaware and Ulster Counties:

  • Only publication delivered by US Postal Service 

  • Additional “pick up” copies distributed at lodging establishments and select locations with high pickup potential

  • Seasonal distribution at regional events






Grand Gorge


New Kingston



South Kortright


“Catskills Commerce”, the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce newsletter is printed in ATAAP every other month. An additional 2,000 copies are mailed via the Chamber’s mailing list, and the Chamber emails copies with live advertiser links to it’s approved email database.


Please request specific advertising rates
for the Catskill Commerce. 

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